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2017 Cengic

Title Human-in-the-loop haptic modelling of one-legged locomotion
Supervision Prof. Dr. phil. Andre Seyfarth (TU Darmstadt)
Assistance Ildar Farkhatdinov (Imperial)
Author Filip Cengic
Last edit 23. Feb 2017

Goal of the thesis

The goal is to investigate which haptic couplings (input-output relations between human wrist and variables of the model) are efficient for maintaining stable locomotion.


The main idea was to connect a wrist haptic interface (Imperial College London) with a virtual walking model (Department of Biomechanics, TU Darmstadt).
The task would be, to develope a software interface in Labview which will include

  • walking/running dynamic model integration using integrated Matlab coding block, so that it can be integrated with a physical haptic interface
  • visual representation of the model


3.7.16 - Install LabView
- Create a simple dynamic model for running in LabView
17.7.16 - Model Implementation: Sending LabView code blocks to Imperial College
5.9.-9.9.16 - Experiments at Imperial College London

Skype Meetings

  • 17.6.16, 12:45 o' clock (30 min) at Andre's office: Setting Thesis objectives and rough schedule plan (participating André, Filip, Ildar)
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