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-====== ​Agenda ​======+====== ​MovA Learn & Act Days WS19/​20====== 
 +Complementing the [[http://​wiki.ifs-tud.de/​biomechanik/​aktuelle_themen/​bewak2019#​st_movement_academy_june_2019|1st Movement Academy in June 2019]], we are now planning up to four Learn & Act (L&A) Days in winter term (Wintersemester 2019/2020). These meetings aim to provide insights from different movement experts in //tandem lectures// and to practice in //hands on seminars and actions// afterwards. We invite to suggest set of tandem expert partners (two or four) to prepare the presentations and the actions. Student projects will support the Learn & Act Days with documenting the lectures and the actions as wiki projects. 
 +Potential topics for L&A Days: 
 +  * Jumping in sports and dance 
 +  * Motor control and learning with music 
 +  * Motion and Emotion 
 +  * Mental training (suggested by Peggy Sparenberg) 
 +Please propose additional topics for Learn & Act Days by **30 September 2019** to seyfarth@sport.tu-darmstadt.de. 
 +====== 1st Movement Academy June 2019 ======
 The main language of the Movement Academy is English. ​ The main language of the Movement Academy is English. ​
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