Advanced models of human locomotion

This wiki is providing preliminary knowledge required for understanding and research on biomechanics of legged locomotion. This makes the foundations for bioinspired template-based legged locomotion which is the title of the PhD thesis of Maziar Ahmad Sharbafi. This is prepared for students to become familiar with these basic concepts.

In this wiki, we explain how to develop a model of the legged system based on conceptual (simple) models. The information to construct simple models in MATLAB are described in Modellierung Here first we present an overview of template-based modeling, then based on three locomotor sub-functions found in human locomotion, we introduce different template models for each or combination of subfunctions. The models that we have here are the extended models of basic template models. Finally, some sample MATLAB codes are described and presented. In the following, you can find some videos describing different topics as separate lectures (including slides with narration). a general modeling approach to derive equations of a complex legged system including multi-segments, impact effect and some guidances for control of such hybrid systems. Sample codes are also available for practicing more.

  1. Template-based modelling TBM
  2. Template models TM, TMSLIP, TMIP,
  3. Extended Models EM, EMSLIP, EMIP,
  4. Examples of extended models with MATLAB codes MC1, MC2,
  5. Applications App

Different levels of modeling are presented in this lecture. We suggest considering the following order in reading the topics and also read the requirements for each part before entering them. The requirements are mentioned in the first page of each topic.

The three parts MC1 and MC2 include MATLAB codes which need to be familiar with MATLAB and Simulink. The last section presents some applications of the proposed models. These are the results of the implementation of the approaches on hardware setups in Lauflabor with a significant contribution of the author of this Wiki.

Some useful links:

Simulations- und Modellierungsprogramme

We have also suggest to read basic biomechanic modelling (e.g., SLIP model) using the following

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